Chiropractic and Osteopathy Kyoto Hayashi Clinic is clinic specializing in low back pain such as chronic low back pain, spinal canal stenosis, hernia.

Chiropractic and Osteopathy Kyoto Hayashi Clinic

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This is our original "Hayashi-method skin & myofascial release"


 Why can I get rid of"pain and numbness"?
    This is because the"SKIN" and "FASCIA"are treated.


Everyone, I can not get rid of pain and numbness even if I loosen "muscles" or warm "painful parts" at various osteopathic clinics and chiropractic clinics.
Do you have such an experience?

So the question is, have you ever had "Skin" adjustments?


"Skin" has been overlooked as a cause of pain and numbness.
In fact, the movements of "Skin" and "Fascia" are closely related, and the flexibility of the skin allows the fascia and muscles under the skin to move smoothly.


However, if the skin adheres to the "subcutaneous fat" and "fascia / muscle" underneath it, the movement of the skin will be impaired, and the movement of the fascia / muscle will also decrease, causing compression of the nerves / blood vessels.

It has become clear that pain and numbness occur due to pressure on the skin.


At this hospital, we perform treatments that specialize in the "Skin" and "Fascia".


However, the cause of pain and numbness is not limited to one.
The cause is somewhere in the body (muscles, skulls, internal organs, joints, ligaments, nerves, etc.), especially the skin and fascia .


At our hospital, we will thoroughly investigate the cause and improve it after conducting thorough counseling and inspection at the first time.

Would you like to feel the improvement results that have never been seen before?

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patient

Treatment and counseling has been extremely helped me!

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※This is a personal opinion and does not guarantee treatment results or success.

The lower back pain has been so much better now like I can’t believe that I had it before!

※This is a personal opinion and does not guarantee treatment results or success.

What problems did you have before coming to Chiropractic and Osteopathy Kyoto Hayashi Clinic?
       I developed a hernia about 10 years ago and have been living with back pain ever since.
       I had pain when I got up or after working at my desk for a long time, so I just gave up hope that
       this pain would never go away.


How are the symptoms now?
       I can honestly say this, I get so much better now.
       And I can’t even remember that I had a lower back pain.


How was consultation and treatment at our clinic?
       Attentive counseling and Body Relaxation Treatment was amazing.
       They taught me a lot of self-care that I can do to maintenance my body at home.


Do you have any messages for people who are suffering from lower back pain like you?
       Don’t give up hope of living with no pain, and once you get better, let’s keep maintaining it on your own
       for a better quality of life.

I had terrible back pain and could not walk normally and used a cane, but now I can live a normal life without pain.

I have had no change at all at other clinics, but since coming here I have been pain free.

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※This is a personal opinion and does not guarantee treatment results or success.

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※This is a personal opinion and does not guarantee treatment results or success.

I suffered from chronic back pain for a long time, but now I can play my favorite sports and run.

It was a magical treatment, totally painless!

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※This is a personal opinion and does not guarantee treatment results or success.

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※This is a personal opinion and does not guarantee treatment results or success.

My low back pain of 10 years is completely gone and I feel much better now!

The pain and numbness are gone and I live comfortably now.

※This is a personal opinion and does not guarantee treatment results or success.

※This is a personal opinion and does not guarantee treatment results or success.

The pain in my back that I had suffered from for many years has been greatly relieved.

I wish I would met you earlier!

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※This is a personal opinion and does not guarantee treatment results or success.

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※This is a personal opinion and does not guarantee treatment results or success.

Our clinic has been featured in various media.


Do you think that this chronic low back pain will never get better?

If any of the following apply to you, we can help.


I can’t do what I want to do because of the chronic low back pain.


I went see a doctor,had an X-ray or MRIs done for examination.But I ended up just getting painkillers and injections.


I have been to Osteopathic clinics, acupuncture clinics and hospitals, but my chronic low back pain does not seem to get better at all.


Temporarily better, but the pain is always back.


I am affraid that my chronic low back pain will get worse and worse and I will not be able to walk.


I can not do housework or exercise due to the pain in my back.


I have given up that my chronic low back pain will not improve anymore.

Here is a suggestion for you!


If you are currently suffering from any of the above, and you say,
"I do not want to put up with the pain anymore! I want to do what I want without worrying about anything else!"
Would you like to come our clinic and radically improve your chronic low back pain?


In fact,people with chronic back pain who have come to our clinic have experienced these amazing changes.

The pain in my lower back and knees is gone, and now I can work to the best of my ability.

The heavy pain in my lower back has abated considerably!

※This is a personal opinion and does not guarantee treatment results or success.

※This is a personal opinion and does not guarantee treatment results or success.

Office hours:09:00-19:00【Closed】Thursdays,Sundays,National Holidays



Nice to meet you.I am Shigetaka Hayashi from Chiropractic Kyoto Hayashi Clinic.


When I used to work at IT company, there was the time I suffered from back pain and could not move in any way because of the pain. At that time, I went to the hospital and physical therapy, but I was having a hard time with the pain, which never got better.


I entered this industry Out of a desire to help people who has suffering from same problem.When I first started working at the clinic in Kanto region, I was struggling to perform the treatment on lower back pain, but no matter how much I treated ,It didn’t get better.


I still remember how frustrated I was that the fact I could not improve their condition. As I gain more experience in the field, I realized that "the cause cannot be found where there are symptoms".


And I met this safe osteopathy method which will strengthen the body’s natural healing power.
So I learned this technique desperately using my frustration that I could not do anything as a springboard.
Now, I have received joyful voices and words of appreciation from many people suffering from chronic back pain.


If you have given up what you want to do because of your back pain, please let me help you.
I don’t want to see any more people suffer like I did in the past. I want you to live a life where you can do what you want to do rather than just living with pain.


If you truly want to do what you love without holding back, We will do our best to help you take that first step.

Top 7 Reasons Why Patients Choose Us

Reason1 We diagnose the cause of chronic low back pain accurately and provide fundamental treatment.

There is always a cause for chronic low back pain and this can vary people to people.

Since it’s impossible to improve your condition without knowing what the cause is, we will take longer time on counseling and examination especially at your initial visit.

Reason2 We provide results that "improve" with KYT, which is used by doctors and therapists
in over 39 countries around the world.

”KYT” stands for “Ken Yamamoto Technic” which is established by bonesetter Mr.Ken Yamamoto who is active all over the world.
This is a treatment method devised based on anatomy that eliminates all kinds of pain by ”returning the joints and muscles to their proper position”.


「KYT」has brought the result of improvement to people with severe back pain who had given up on hope.
Now it is proven method by Doctors, Therapist, Professional athlete in over 39 countries.

If you’re suffering from back pain right, it’s time to identify the real cause of your pain and create a body that will never have pain again.
I have been impressed by the concept and achievements of KYT and have Received actual guidance from the bonesetter Mr.Yamamoto himself.

Reason3 We are able to assess the cause of each patient’s back pain.

The source of you back pain vary people to people and also may not always be evident.

It can be due to a sports injury, from twisting or lifting something heavy or posture distortion from work and so on.
So I believe that to Identify the exact cause of a pain problem will lead to early improvement of your condition.

”If you have been to various osteopathic clinics, but your back pain has not improved”, your problem lies in the fact that the osteopathic clinics have not been able to accurately assess the cause of your back pain.
It is only by assessing the cause of each customer’s back pain and accurately understanding the cause of the pain that your back pain can be improved.


At our clinic, we will pursue and treat the real cause of your back pain through specialized counseling and evaluation.

Reason4 We all have a national qualification and extensive experiences in the treatment of chronic back pain.

As many people may not know, here in japan you can open a Chiropractic clinic without any qualifications.
In fact, at some clinics, a new practitioner who has only a few training may touch your body.
However, All of our practitioners in our clinic have national qualifications and I myself have two national qualifications of “acupuncture” and “moxibustion”.

Also, after graduating from an acupuncture school, I gained experience treating a lot of people who suffered from chronic back pain at a famous acupuncture and moxibustion clinic in the Kanto area.

I would like to use my experience to help as many people in need as possible to improve their lives.

Reason5 By appointment only, No wait, We value your time.

We value your time, In order to avoid waiting, please call us to make an appointment for your desired date and time.

Reason6 ”Pain relief “is not a goal .We will support you to achieve an overall better quality of life.

We will develop a simple self-care program analyzed for each causes.
Our patients will learn to perform specific stretches and exercises that to improve their overall fitness and health.

Reason7 I will be in charge the whole time.

I always do my best to provide the best treatment for you.

In many osteopathic clinics and osteopathic hospitals in Japan, the doctor in charge changes every time you visit, and often has to explain the same thing over and over again.

In order to avoid such a situation, I will take responsibility for your symptoms from the beginning to the end of your treatment.

Office hours:09:00-19:00【Closed】Thursdays,Sundays,National Holidays

Our treatment Procedures


1.Fill out the form & counseling

We ask that all patients fill out a medical questionnaire to get a clear understanding of your physical condition.

After that, we will ask you more about the chronic back pain you are suffering from.
Please feel free to consult with us about anything, as there are many hints that can help improve your pain, even if it is just a small detail in your daily lifestyle.



We will evaluate your physical condition using our original examination method, based on the treatment chart and the information you have given us in the counseling.

After a series of tests, we will tell you where the real cause is, why your chronic back pain is occurring, and how you can get better.




The treatment will be based on the examination we have just performed.

We don't “crack your back” or forcefully push. We perform soft touch treatments.
Therefore,anybody can get treatment at ease.



4.Check before&after/Explanation of treatment plan

Check the changes in the body before and after the treatment and tell you how often you will need to come and provide you “Personalized self-care plan” to improve your condition.


If you have any questions or concerns at this point, please don’t hesitate to tell us.

The ability to manage daily life well is a major factor in improvement.
We will go through this together!


5.End of treatment.

It will be finished after making a payment and your next appointment.

If you have any concerns or other problems about treatment, please feel free to ask.

We want you to believe that “This pain is going to get better!”. We will do our best !


Our Treatment Fee

Initial treatment fee
10,000 yen
(Initial consultation fee3,000yen+Treatment fee 7,000yen)

After the second time



We have Special Discount for your first visit limited to application from website.


Limited discount only for the first 10 customers each month

Why we offer this price?

It's because we don't want you to waste any more of your valuable time and money on just getting temporary relief that's not even working at all.


If you have any concerns or want to have improve your chronic lower back pain for real, call us now!
You are not alone, I will be beside you, guiding you, as we walk this path together.


Full-refund guarantee on initial treatment fee.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your initial treatment.
The first treatment fee will be fully refunded.

It is hard for you to choose the right one from a wide variety of options in Kyoto city. You might have some experiences of getting disappointed after visiting to the new clinic.


I feel you ,and I want to make a difference in you.
What matters to me is that every patient is satisfied with their treatment.
So If I can’t improve your condition at all, tell me after your initial treatment.
I’ll give you a full refund.


“This is the right one for me, I can trust this clinic.” If you think that way, that’s when you can pay.

Office hours:09:00-19:00【Closed】Thursdays,Sundays,National Holidays

Access To Our Clinic

Chiropractic and orthopedic Kyoto Hayashi Clinic is 2 minutes walk from Kamikatsura station.

 ■Address:7-9 Kamikatsuramiyanogocho,Nishikyo-ku,
 Kyoto city,615-8227


 ■If you come by train
 Two minute walk from Kamikatsura Station
 (Hankyu Arashiyama Line)


 ■If you come by bus
 The nearest station:Kamikatsura station(Kyoto City bus)


 ■If you come by car
 There are our parking lots available, so you can park in
 either No.2 or No.6.

Getting Here from Kamikatsura Station.


@Turn right after you go through the ticket gate at Kamikatsura Station.
AKeep going straight as you see “The Mihara hospital”on your left.
BKeep going.


CTurn right at the corner of the 7-Eleven convenience store.
DTurn left at the next intersection.
EYou will see our green signboard on your right. Please just enter our clinic.


Office hours:09:00-19:00【Closed】Thursdays,Sundays,National Holidays